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Gaza is under attack & I stand with Fetrah .

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I'm Ismael (Esmail EL BoB). I love to find bugs in offline games and to learn more about computers. And, I play some games like GTA, MC and TF2. Currently, I make videos, code software and self-host public instances.

My Personal Collections:

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Libreddit: Private front-end for Reddit.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Invidious: Invidious is an alternative front-end to YouTube.
Links: ClearnetOnion

SearXNG: SearXNG is a free internet metasearch engine.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Nitter: Alternative Twitter front-end.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Rimgo: An alternative frontend for Imgur.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Librarian: An alternative frontend for LBRY/Odysee.
Links: ClearnetOnion

SimplyTranslate: Web Interface for SimplyTranslate built with python and quart.
Links: ClearnetOnion

WikiLess: Wikiless is a free open source alternative Wikipedia front-end focused on privacy.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Piped: An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.
Links: Clearnet

Scribe: An alternative frontend to Medium.
Links: ClearnetOnion

SimpleerTube: A simple frontend for PeerTube.
Links: ClearnetOnion

ProxiTok: Open source alternative frontend for TikTok made using PHP.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Reddit Top RSS: Generate RSS feeds for specified subreddits with score thresholds.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Quetre: A libre front-end for Quora.

LibreMDB: A FOSS alternative front-end to IMDB.

PornInvidious: A frontend to
Links: ClearnetOnion

Hyperpipe: A Privacy Respecting Frontend for YouTube Music.
Links: ClearnetOnion

SimpleAmazon: A frontend for Amazon that allows users to browse and search amazon on any TLD of choice (like fr, de, com,, etc).
Links: ClearnetOnion

BreezeWiki: An alternative frontend for Fandom.
Links: ClearnetOnion

BiblioReads: An Alternative Private Goodreads Front-End.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Dumb: Private alternative front-end for Genius.
Links: ClearnetOnion

AnonymousOverflow: View StackOverflow in privacy and without the clutter.
Links: ClearnetOnion

GotHub: Alternative front-end for GitHub written with Go.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Rural Dictionary: We're rural, not urban. Urban Dictionary frontend developed in python Flask.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Wayback Classic: A frontend for the Wayback Machine which works on old browsers.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Scratch-gui: Graphical User Interface for creating and running Scratch 3.0 projects.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Hckrnws: A custom frontend for a better reading experience of HackerNews.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Neuters: Reuters Redirect and Proxy.
Links: ClearnetOnion

Noizee: An Noisli opensource alternative.
Links: ClearnetOnion


My goal is to cover the server fees (which is $25.29/month) so if you love my work and feel generous, you can donate by:

Time & Kindness:

You can help by contribution, share your feedback and share my services.

Money & Crypto:




ETH: 0xEE38D5F35E1520b8ccfB06cBe890B0C148Fa25D4


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Worth to donate to:

If you do not want to support me, fine. but at least support these groups.

Children Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357:


Egyptian Red Crescent:





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